Cross Gate Trilogy – Books 2 – 3

CrossGate White 200
The story doesn’t end with CROSS GATE. The first story simply sets the table for more to come. As we move into Book 2, EARTH GATE and Book 3, CROSS OVER, the storylines ‘up the ante,’ becoming far more apocalyptic in nature. Cassie and company’s abilities and responsibilities evolve even further to missions of world-wide importance.

In this new tale, Cassie Severs and crew return from their climactic adventure in Turkey, and get back home to New York. Murro Vogt is sent back to prison, but Sandra NiKells begins concocting a plan for his future release/relocation, as her visions of their coming, greater mission, the Earth Gate, grow ever stronger.

The visions imagine herself, Murro, Cassie and David Severs at four corners of the world, originating from a base point of the Four Corners, southwest United States. A wild ride ensues to gather them all there at the appointed time.
Snares and opposition develop to impede the success of their rendezvous. The plan Sandra devises to get Murro back with them involve Witness Relocation for him. Enter U.S. Marshall, Sylvia Weathersfield, assigned to Vogt as his supervisor in the program. As she becomes more and more suspicious of Murro’s true motives, she dedicates herself to putting down anything on his part she perceives doesn’t ‘smell’ right.
And indeed it doesn’t, as the time grows nigh. New and old friends join the foursome in their race to meet their destiny – enacting the Earth Gate; a mega-Cross Gate which shall encircle the earth, catching up those of faith within in it, and taking them… beyond this world!

Currently, EARTH GATE is in the editing phase, leading to a release date hopefully, towards year’s end, 2017.



The third and final installment is epic in its scope – a stellar compliment of modern-day arks (Russian ekranoplans found at Caspian Sea Naval base) , demon hordes to rival any ‘zombie apocalypse,’ with the regular cast and Shepherd doing what they do best – gate-keeping!

Cross-over (a word play on Passover), is currently in its latter stages of writing.