Author Bio

Al Test-053A.F. Roberts was raised in Phoenix, Arizona by transplants from Chicago. As a youth, comic books and science-fiction were major influences. High School through college brought an introduction to Christianity, which, combined with the former, birthed not only a refreshment of spirit, but an imagination unrestrained by any constrictions of that same faith.

Roberts studied Advertising Arts at Maricopa Tech (now Gateway Community College), earning an A.A.S. degree. This path headed toward numerous positions in the field of community newspapers, both in-plant web press operations and pre-press layout at individual news publications. In these places, production work sometimes led to occasional photo journalism or newswriting assignments. In life, divorce and single parenting steered into journaling. In tandem, these elements began the progression into creative writing.

In time, a whimsical sci-fi notion began transforming into the novel Cross Gate. Over the course of penning the epic, Roberts was introduced to the YA supernatural genre, devouring novel after novel, both improving and inspiring his own writing.

Roberts continues to reside in Phoenix, staying close to his son. He maintains employment in the print industry at Short Run Printing LLC, which produces magazines, and ironically, books and comics.