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“Before this really sets in, I have to tell you guys a couple things,” Cassie began. “I’ve seen some images you may not have. I think, when this ‘gate’ opens, and I go through, I’m going to ‘dust’ when I enter. I don’t think I’ll be in my body when I crossover, but you’re not going to be left with my corpse. My ‘ashes’ will fall out here on the cross. Sandy, get an urn or container somewhere around here and collect it. Dad, you know where to take them. To that seascape you’ve seen.” – Chapter 21

She speaks. “We… are… Cassandra, and have business to propose with you, Murro Vogt. You’ve been shown that which was, perhaps unbeknownst to you. Until now, it was not known to us how you’ve been hurt and slighted in the past, which was revealed to us. That which, likely started your path, sliding into the dark. In re-presenting Carolyn Severs to you in this way, we would make it clear that it’s not too late – for love. Not too late to return to it, and the light. ” – Chapter 24

CassieAt last Peter breaks the silence, stating and asking simultaneously, “You are the One, are you not, The Lamb whom we’ve served”
“Sometimes unwittingly served… yes, I am, of course,” replied the Shepherd. “You have served sometimes through the foolishness of your earthly hierarchy, but in other times you acted directly from my prompts, unquestioning.”
– Introduction
Cassie holds out her hand behind her for NiKells to take – and as she does, they both move immediately to the lake’s center and begin to come together in their minds and focus. The ritual has become so routine now – circling and crossing, above their heads and outwardly in front of themselves. Across the waters and all around them, a beam of circle-light expands like a ripple, encompassing the girls many yards out from where they stood. The whole area within the circle becomes an alternate space; no longer water, though still fluid somehow. The characteristics of a portal then emerge, tunneling a path away from here – to somewhere else. To the somewhere they wish to go!
– Chapter 28

CG Cover Smpl 1 drmctchr“I am the gate. Whoever enters by Me will be saved and will come in and go out and find pasture.”
– John 10:9
He strolls about meditative, looking up, as though seeing the ‘flash’ of the wormhole closing, and Murro and Sandra’s departure. He nods to himself and begins to shimmer and glow. His entire form bursts into light, in the shape of a cross. Then comes the circle of bright, white energy, and yet another gate is formed. The one true gate. He, as the gate itself. From out of the distance, there in the vast plains, come forth, a heavenly host. Though no words have yet been uttered, they have been called – and flying in from the skies, they arrive.
– Chapter 32

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