Cross Gate


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The Severs are a family in turmoil. They are David, his teens Cassie and Jeff, and Carolyn, his estranged wife. David and Cassie possess latent abilities they toyed with when she was a child, dabbling unwittingly with a technique known as dream-walking.

Presently they find themselves doing it again, coinciding with dreams David is having of a circular cross shape and a Templar Knight. David’s eccentricities surrounding his dream world are wreaking havoc throughout his family life. Carolyn seeks out new age church alternatives as her solution, while David is opposed.

Cassie cares little for either, but is drawn to her father’s dreams, and begins to share in them. Desiring only family preservation, her brother Jeff allies with their mother and her new found mentor Murro Vogt, a charlatan leader of a church known as The Gateway. As Vogt takes the two under his wing, his true motives in engaging this family, because of their ancestry line to the Knights Templar, slowly emerge.

Cassie’s allegiance to her father and his resistance towards Vogt brings the two sides towards collision course, leading to Cassie’s introduction to Sandra Nikells, a psychic consultant to the police department. Nikells appears when a tragedy of Vogt’s making strikes the family. She coaches Cassie and David in the art of dream walking and the use of dream gates. As these skills are honed, the mystery of David’s dream cross circles become clearer. They are revealed to be gateways of cross-over passage to the other side.

It is to this end, a mission pre-destined to the family Severs by their connection to the Templar Grand Master Peter de Severy, that their road of discovery leads. And once upon it, there is no turning back. The very author of the faith they wrestle over is the ONE who sets them forth on a tumultuous journey into the spiritual realm. Fraught with dark dangers and entities, they march into the unknown to find that which was lost, and unravel the secrets of the Cross Gate!

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